As people who are serious about your vision care needs, we at ZO&MO Opticals strongly advise our customers to ask a doctor & have regular eye-tests.

Getting your eyes examined by an expert is very important, as most eye problems are often silent, and do not show symptoms until the eye has been irreparably damaged. We encourage our customers to ask a doctor and have their eyes tested regularly by making use of our free eye testing services.

At ZO&MO, you have easy access to highly qualified optometrists and ophthalmologists based at Thumbay/GMC hospitals, who are experts in conducting eye tests ranging from vision screenings to complete eye exams. These professionals use sophisticated electronic equipment and undergo periodic retraining.

Refractive errors are the most common eye conditions. While these can be corrected by using the correct glasses, there are more complex eye defects which would need more detailed examination. If timely treatment is not administered for the complex defects, it could lead to risks like disability and suffering. Periodic eye exams, avoid/minimize adverse effects and identify potential problems early so as to prevent any problems from getting worse, which may otherwise even lead to vision loss. Regular eye exams can also detect life-threatening conditions like a brain tumor and high cholesterol.

If you have any queries about your eyes, Ask the Eye Doctor