As people who are serious about your vision care needs, we at ZO&MO Opticals strongly advise our customers to have regular eye-tests.

Getting your eyes examined by an expert is very important, as most eye problems are often silent, and do not show symptoms until the eye has been irreparably damaged. We encourage our customers to have their eyes tested regularly by making use of our free eye testing services.

At ZO&MO, you have easy access to highly qualified optometrists and ophthalmologists based at Thumbay/GMC hospitals, who are experts in conducting eye tests ranging from vision screenings to complete eye exams. These professionals use sophisticated electronic equipment and undergo periodic retraining.

Refractive errors are the most common eye conditions. While these can be corrected by using the correct glasses, there are more complex eye defects which would need more detailed examination. If timely treatment is not administered for the complex defects, it could lead to risks like disability and suffering. Periodic eye exams, avoid/minimize adverse effects and identify potential problems early so as to prevent any problems from getting worse, which may otherwise even lead to vision loss. Regular eye exams can also detect life-threatening conditions like a brain tumor and high cholesterol.

Eye Care is a serious concern that is often neglected by people.
Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts most of us take for granted. The only time we even have cause to think about our vision as such is when we think about a blind person who has no vision at all, or when our own vision begins to fail us. Being aware of the importance of protecting your vision can help you avoid problems with it in the future.

Caring for Eye Care
Eye Care is an important factor in all of our lives. We sometimes take sight for granted, but can you imagine not being able to see everyday things normally. Imagine not being able to see your kids, to watch TV, to take a walk and see all of nature is beauteous. People with certain eye diseases are not able to enjoy these experiences to their full extent and sometimes not at all. There are several reasons for people to start learning more about eye health and how to protect our sight. There are not only personal reasons, but financial reasons as well because the cost of eye care affects everyone. As the Baby Boomer generation ages and faces more eye problems, the need for eye care will be much greater.

Personal Reasons of Eye Care
Eye care is essential to maintain the health of our eyes. People with eye diseases that greatly affect their vision face many problems. They are physically hampered by impaired vision. They are not able to perform daily activities like driving or working. Some are barely able to see or have lost their vision entirely. They are also faced with emotional stress. People with dramatic eye problems face many issues that can lead to solitude and depression. This strain also affects friends and families.

They are not able to enjoy the everyday moments or special events. Eye problems can also be very costly to individuals. The need for eye wear, eye surgeries, and other needs can greatly affect a person or a family is income. Some people are not even able to work because of their eye problems. There are several steps everyone can take to help prevent eye diseases and the problems related to them. It starts with knowledge of keeping the eye healthy and following good guidelines for maintaining good eye health.

There are many eye diseases that can be prevented or whose progression can be slowed down with proper precautions and healthy eating. Eating a lot of Vitamin A, E, C, and some Zinc and Selenium can help prevent many diseases including those that affect the eyes. Visit the nutrition page on what foods contain these vitamins and minerals. Certain diseases might be caused by other factors such as obesity, diabetes, exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking, certain medications such as steroids, and many other factors. It is a good idea to ask your eye care doctor for specific steps you can take. People with obesity or who are diabetic should have more routine checkups since they are more likely to develop certain eye diseases.

Those who are outside most of the day should use protective sunglasses or eyeglasses to prevent heavy exposure to ultraviolet light. People who smoke or take certain medications should ask their doctor if they are more likely to have eye diseases because of family background. These little measures can help your eyes healthy and keep all the emotional, physical, and financial problems that come with eye problems away.

Taking Care of Contact Lenses
Unless you wear daily disposable lenses, you will need to clean and disinfect your contacts to ensure both the lenses and your eyes stay in good condition. The type of care system you use depends on the type of lenses you have and how they are worn. We will make sure you understand what to do before you take your lenses home.