ZO&MO offers superior ‘before and after’ sales services. Our expert staff helps you choose the right kind of frames and lenses to suit your needs and style.

· Free Vision Screening
Zo&Mo aims at creating more and more awareness about eye health and early detection of eye related diseases. Therefore, our stores offer free vision screening and consultation with our optometrist service to all our customers.

· Free After Sales Maintenance
Zo&Mo provides cleaning and adjustment for items such as screws, nose pads, or ear pads need replacement, this will be done free of charge.

· Contact Lens Fitting
At Zo&Mo, you can seek contact lens fitting services from our professional staff that will allow you to be successful contact lens wearer. You can also consult our licensed optometrists on what type of lenses suits you best.

If you have any queries about your eyes, Ask the Eye Doctor

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